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Room tempetature Imbalance – Room Temperature Wiki

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How Is the Temperature in Your Home?

Room tempetature Imbalance Room Temperature WikiWe want our homes to be as comfortable as possible and with the right AC system installed in the home, it can certainly be comfortable during the hot weather months. The same can also be said for the winter, when we want our HVAC system to pump the air into our home that is nice and toasty. Unfortunately, there can be problems that occur in the home and one of those is that you have room temperature and balance, either in the same room or from one room to the other. What causes this problem and what can be done to correct it?

One of the most common problems that occurs in the home as far as the temperature is concerned is the location of the thermostat. Traditionally, the thermostat was located in the primary area of the home, typically the room that was closest to the front door. It can be convenient to change the temperature as you are entering the home or leaving the home and having one unit would seem to be the best option that is available. That is not the case, however, because it can result in an imbalance in room temperature.

Think of it this way, you have an entire home with multiple rooms that extend out from the central location where the thermostat is located. The temperature is going to be controlled properly at the thermostat and in that room, you're going to have a true feeling of what it should feel like throughout the entire home. Behind closed doors and in rooms that are out-of-the-way, however, you end up with the temperature imbalance because the air is not as efficient in reaching those areas as it is at reaching the centralized area.

Another problem that can result in an imbalance of temperatures within the home is that you have poor duct systems. If air is leaking out through the docs or if they were not installed properly, it can be a real problem and it is one that is going to need to be corrected.

What Can Be Done about Room Temperature Imbalance?

Fortunately, there are some options available that can help to reduce the issue and to balance out the temperature within the home. At times, the option may be somewhat simplistic and you can contact the professionals at Select AC to diagnose the temperature in your home and to determine what is necessary in order to make it better.

One of the options that Select AC may consider is increasing the size of the ducts to allow for additional airflow throughout the home. If this is done properly and to allow for the additional airflow to the room that is not currently receiving it, it can a large difference. Even a simple blade dampener may help to control the problem, redirecting the air to where it is necessary and away from where it is going.

PerVent Intake Filter Screen – Allergies Filter

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Maximizing the Filtration for Your HVAC Unit

ac filtrationOne of the most important things to keep in mind when you are operating an AC unit is that it needs to have proper airflow. In addition, you need to ensure that the debris that would enter the unit is properly filtered because when the airflow occurs, you want it to be unimpeded. Any problem that takes place with debris in the system will lower the efficiency and in many cases, may also lower the lifespan of the unit as well. One of the options that you may want to consider in this regard is a PreVent intake filter screen , one that is a first-line defense against the debris that can enter into your system.

If you are familiar with the workings of an HVAC unit, you will likely recognize that requires regular maintenance in order to make sure that it is up and running at any given time. This would include removing any dirt that is built up on the fins as well as the interior components. Although this is always going to be necessary and it is important for you to have a maintenance contract to extend the lifespan of your unit when at all possible, you should not underestimate the benefits of a PreVent intake filter.

The benefits of such a filter are multifaceted. First of all, it helps to reduce the maintenance costs that are associated with keeping your HVAC unit up and running at any given time. It is also going to help the system run more efficiently by eliminating much of the dirt and debris that could otherwise end up on the coils and the fins. Finally, it may help to make the unit more cost-effective because it is going to run more efficiently and will use less power as a result.

Why Choose Prevent Intake Filter Screen?

Although you have a number of filtration options available to you, why is it that Select AC would recommend this particular filter? One of the reasons is that it is user-friendly is because it is very easy to clean and it is appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use. In addition, the construction of the filter is also customized in order to fit your unit exactly and it is made of UV protected media, so that you don't need to worry about the sun affecting the quality of the filter itself. It is also washable and is easy to install. This can help if you suffer from Allergies.

If you would like more information on this filter screen and how we can help you to save money on your energy bill with your HVAC system, you can contact Select AC today. We would be happy to assist you and to do what is necessary in order to ensure that you are happy with our service and with the products that we both recommend and provide to our customers.

Local, Family, Owned and operated

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You Can Be Comfortable When Using Select Air

6721 4x6 541A5222At Select Air, we want should be comfortable with the services that we provide. It doesn't matter if you're using our air conditioning service, heating services or even if we are putting insulation in your home, there are reasons why you can trust what we have to offer. This is not only seen in our insurance coverage, which is far greater than the minimum established by the state, it is also seen in the fact that we are a family-owned business. Yes, we have been operating our family-owned and operated Lantana air conditioning business in the area for many years. What can we do as a result which will make you a happy customer?

First of all, you can always trust the fact that when you use our professional service, it will be given to you in a personalized way. We are not a large corporation that is always distant from the needs of our customers. We understand that you are interested in making your family comfortable in your home and we are in business to do that as well. We even provide emergency services for our customers who may have their heat or air conditioning go out at an inopportune time. Understanding that this is not only an inconvenience but at times, maybe a matter of concern because of the health of the family is something that we are well aware of.

A Look at Our Service

Our family-owned business has a great reputation throughout our operating area. As a matter of fact, we have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, due to the fact that we have positive feedback from our customers. In addition, we won an award in 2013 because of high level of commitment to the customer as is seen on Angie's list. Of course, it is not necessary for you to only trust the fact that those organizations have a high regard for our service, we are interested in making you a happy customer as well.

You also will appreciate the options that are provided to you as a customer. We understand that there are differences in what is necessary from one home to another, even if they have the exact same configuration. We look at each customer as an individual and we take care of the individual needs of you and your family in that regard. If you have any questions or if you would like a free quote on the services that we provide, we would be happy to provide it for you. Call us today for more information.

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