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before the seasons turn schedule a heating system look over

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Are You Thinking about Your Heating System?

Although it may be hot in Texas, there are going to be days that occur soon in which the temperature is going to be cool again. This is one of the benefits of living in Texas, because it provides us with the different seasons and the fact that we can enjoy a wide variety of temperatures without moving to a different location. Of course, there are also potential problems which are associated with the temperature change that need to be considered as well. One of those issues is that your heating system needs to be checked before the temperature gets cooler. Why is that a problem?

As you are probably aware, there are temperature extremes and, although the temperature may gradually drop down into the cooler temperatures, it may also suddenly plummet to those temperatures as well. When it is cold outside and you are uncomfortable inside of your home, you will go to the unit and turn on the heating system. What would you do if the heat were not working at this time? Quite simply, you would be uncomfortably cold until somebody was able to come out and correct the problem.

That is why it is important for you to consider the heating system in your home, even though at this time, you may not be using it. The last thing that you would want is a surprise when it comes to the heating your home and to have to have somebody come out on an emergency basis to correct the issue. It is a far better choice if you have the issue checked in advance so that when it comes time to turn on the heat, you are not going to have a problem with it not operating properly.

The obvious choice for checking your HVAC system and ensuring that the heat is going to work is Select Air. When any type of a problem exists or if you simply need routine maintenance on your system, you can trust that we will take care of your needs professionally.

Other Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Not only is it important to have your heat checked in advance of things getting cooler, it is also important for you to consider a routine maintenance schedule for your HVAC system as well. In doing so, it is much less likely that you will have an expensive repair bill, because your unit will be checked on a periodic basis that happens before they become too large of an issue to handle.

Another benefit of using routine maintenance for your HVAC system is that the drain line will remain open. As the air-conditioning continues to run through the hot summer, it can lead to a buildup of slime on the inside of the drainpipe, eventually causing it to clog to the point where the water is unable to drain properly. When this occurs, the water can end up coming back into the unit and maybe even into your home! This can lead to considerable damage, expenses and even for the possibility of mold developing.

When you have any issues with your HVAC system or if you simply want to ensure that it remains operating at all times, you can contact Select AC. We are a family owned and operated business that has been helping people for years in the Metroplex with the reliable service that keeps their homes comfortable. We understand that it is important to make sure that your HVAC system does not experience problems and we also understand that many families are on a budget. Contact us today and we can provide you with a free quote and discuss the various options that are available to keep you and your family comfortable.

heating system options

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Considering Your Heating Options This Winter

home heating optionsMost people that have a home have a way to heat it but there are always going to be options, and when considering those options, you may actually find a way to save money and to protect the environment at the same time. In this article, we are going to look at some of the options that are available that you would want to consider. They range from relatively simple to somewhat complex but each of them can have an impact on your budget and the amount of money that you are spending every month on your energy bill.

If the heating system is operating properly and it does not show any signs of wear and tear that would require it to be replaced, there may be options available to help save you money and keep you comfortable. One of those options is to upgrade the thermostat in the home to one that is fully programmable. These thermostats are an excellent choice, because they can automatically adjust the temperature of the home when you and your family are not there. This helps to save money because there is no sense in keeping your home at the optimal temperature when nobody is there to enjoy it.

In the winter months, one of the difficulties that many people experience is dry air in the home. This is due to a natural lack of humidity in the winter months, as well as the drying effect of the heating system in your home as well. It may be possible for you to make your family more comfortable and to adjust your temperature in your home if you install a humidifier system. The professionals at Select AC can discuss the options that are available to you in this regard.

What Else Can You Consider?

Another option that you may want to consider for saving money and keeping your family comfortable is upgrading the insulation in the home. In the winter months, much of the heat that you are providing for your family can escape through the ceiling of the home and right through the roof. By upgrading the insulation in the attic to a higher grade option, you will help to maintain your home at a more comfortable temperature and save money.

Of course, there are also times when it may be necessary for you to upgrade your system because your old system is no longer operating properly. If that is the case, there are some excellent options for energy efficiency that also are environmentally friendly. These and other options can be considered when you contact the friendly professionals at Select AC. We would be happy to review the options with you at a time that is convenient for you.

uneven heat in the home

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Is your home unevenly heated?

unevenly heated homeWe depend on the heating and air-conditioning systems in our home to keep us comfortable throughout the year. This is not only true in the main living areas; it is also true in some of the far corners of the home, which usually consists of the bedrooms. The unfortunate reality for many homeowners, however, is that there is an inconsistency in the temperatures from one room to another. This is especially the case when you get to the far areas of the home that may be behind closed doors all day but are used during the nighttime.

One of the primary reasons why you may experience this difference in temperatures is because many homes are operated from a central thermostat. The thermostat may be located in the main living area and it may also be located near the front door, as that is a common area for them to be installed. Unfortunately, it is not going to do much good to keep the outer reaches of the home at a consistent temperature in comparison to where the thermostat is located. This has been a problem for many homeowners and it continues to be a difficulty. Fortunately, there are solutions that are available.

One of the options is to upgrade your heating and air-conditioning system so that different rooms in the home are controlled independently, rather than being controlled from a single thermostat. This is not only something that will help your home to be at an even temperature throughout; it is also something that is likely to save you money as well. Of course, you will have the installation of the system which involves an outlay of money by if you utilize it properly, you will end up saving a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Other Options to Consider

Along with upgrading the heating and air-conditioning system, there may also be other options which will help to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. This may include installing a humidifier, which will help to keep the air moist in the winter time and make things more comfortable for you and your family. There may also be other options that are available, depending upon your home and your specific circumstance.

If you would like to discuss the options that are available, you can contact the professionals that Select AC for additional information. We are a family owned and operated business in the Lewisville and Flower Mound area that has been helping people in the Dallas Metroplex to be comfortable in their homes for years. We understand that many families are on a budget so we want to ensure that we are working within your means and will do what is necessary to keep you as a happy customer today and for the next time you need our services as well.

keep your home warm this winter

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Are you ready for winter?

heat-lossThose of you who have lived in the Flower Mound or Lewisville areas for a while are aware that winter can sneak up on you. It seems as if one week you are constantly using your air conditioner to keep your home cool in the summertime and before you know it, you must make the switch to keeping your home warm because the winter months arrive. When is time to make this switch, you want to ensure that your heating system is up and running but you also want to make sure that your home is fully capable of keeping you and your family comfortable without costing you an arm and a leg in the process.

The first thing that needs to be considered is if your heating system is going to run. Most people don't really give much thought to the heating system in the home until it is time to switch it on when the weather turns colder. Unfortunately, many people are in for a rude surprise, because their system is not going to operate as it did in the previous year. It is important for you to have your heating system checked in advance so that there are not going to be any difficulties which would keep you and your family uncomfortable during the time that the switch needs to take place. The professionals at Select Air can do on a routine check on your system along with a maintenance plan.

Another thing to consider is that your home is fully able to retain the heat that you are using with your heating system. This is something that needs to be considered because the cost of heating the home is continually going up and it is expected to go up again this year. Of course, you would want to ensure that your heating system was efficient and was properly suited for your home but you would also want to give some consideration to the insulation that is in your home as well. This can help to reduce the exchange of energy from the inside to the outside and it is something that can often be done quickly to ensure that your home is ready for the colder months.

Keep Your Heating System Ready

In the Flower Mound and surrounding city’s , the best option that you have available for keeping the heating and air-conditioning systems running properly in your home is Select Air. We are a family owned and operated business and we place high value on the customer service that we provide to each and every person that trusts us to keep them comfortable in the summer and the winter.

Contact Select AC for more information about the services that we provide. We would be happy to answer your questions and to set up a time when we can come to your home and discuss what is necessary to maximize your heating and air conditioning efficiency.

green heating options

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Is your heating system green?

Geothermal-Heating-and-CoolingIn today's environmentally conscious world, many people are interested in making sure that their home is operating in an environmentally friendly manner. They want to ensure that they are reducing their carbon footprint and this is especially true when it comes to the heating system, as it often represents a significant use of energy on a month-to-month basis. There are options that are available to help make your heating system green and to keep the environment safe for you and your family for many years to come.

One important thing to consider is that you are using a heating system that is high efficiency. These systems are going to use less energy to keep you comfortable, but they are going to come at a cost. More than likely, you are going to pay more for a high-efficiency system but it may be worth it in the long run, because of the reduced environmental impact. It is also important to consider that at times, there may be certain tax breaks available for those that purchase new heating or HVAC systems that are high efficiency as well. If you have any questions in this regard, you can contact Select AC for additional information.

If you're going to be changing your HVAC system, it is also important to choose one that is suitable for your home. You would not want to get one that was too large, as it would not be energy-efficient and you would also not want to get one that was too small, because it would need to run on a continual basis in order to keep up with the demand of the home. There are specific formulas which can help you to choose a heating or cooling system that is appropriate for the size of the property.

Making Adjustments in the Home

There are also some adjustments that can be made which will reduce the impact of your HVAC system on the environment as well. One of these adjustments is simply to change the temperature reading on the thermostat to one that is slightly different. Even changing your temperature indoors by a degree or two is going to impact the amount of energy that is used. You can also use a routine maintenance system, which will help to keep your HVAC system up and running at optimum levels so that the amount of energy that is being used is reduced as well.

It is likely that you have some questions about green technology and what can be done to ensure that your carbon footprint is as small as possible. The professionals at Select Air would be happy to assist you in making the proper choices so that you can be comfortable as a family and can be confident in your choice to help save the environment.


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What Are the Benefits of Dehumidifiers?

dehumidifierThe moisture level inside of the home is to be regulated because it can provide health benefits to you and your family. During sometimes of the year, particularly when the humidity is high outside, it may be necessary for you to use dehumidifiers. Doing so can offer you benefits, including better health and financial savings. Of course, there are a number of different types of the humidifiers that are available and we want to ensure that you choose the one that is right for you and your family. We are not only an Argyle air-conditioning service, we can also provide you with what is necessary for better comfort and health inside of the home, as well as an increase in your indoor air quality. What are some of the benefits of dehumidifiers that you will experience?

Cleaner Home - When you run a dehumidifier, it can help to make your home smell and even look cleaner. After all, too much moisture inside of the home can lead to serious issues, including the possibility for mold. Reducing the humidity inside of the home reduces the possibility that mold will be a problem and it also helps to reduce the other allergens, helping your home to be cleaner.

Less Skin Irritation - Did you realize that moisture plays a large part in skin problems that you may experience? During certain times of the year, high levels of moisture can cause a problem with irritation, particularly in and around the nasal passages. Removing the humidity from the air using a dehumidifier can help to reduce this issue.

Reduce Condensation - The Windows in the home also need to be considered, because of the possibility for condensation. Have you ever noticed that, during certain times of the year, the difference between the outside air and the inside air makes condensation a real issue on the windows and window frames? Reducing the moisture inside of the home helps to make condensation less of a problem.

Looking beyond Dehumidifiers for Your Home

At Select Air, we offer a wide variety of services to our customers. It doesn't matter if you need air conditioning or heating system repair or if you are looking to change the air quality of the home, we can guide you in the right direction. Additional options which may be available to your family can include UV lamps, whole home air filtration units and even higher-quality filters, which will remove much of the pollen, pet dander and other allergens from the home. You will find that your family is breathing easier and it may not only help to reduce a problem with allergies, it can make it possible to achieve higher health when you have breathing issues, such as asthma.


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The Benefits of Using Humidifiers

Rheem-steam-humidifierWe understand that you are interested in being comfortable in your home. We are not only a Corinth air conditioning service; we provide other services that can look after the indoor air quality and your comfort in a variety of ways. One of the options that you may want to consider is the use of humidifiers in the home. This can either be done from room to room, or it is possible to install a larger unit that will help to keep the moisture at a proper level inside of your home. This is of particular benefit to individuals who have a house that tends to be dry; a problem that may exist both in the winter months as well is in the summer months.

You might be surprised to learn that humidifiers not only help you to be more comfortable, they provide many other benefits to those who use them. For example, having additional humidity inside of the home can help you to maintain an overall better health level. After all, if you are breathing dry air constantly, it can breed viruses and bacteria that can lead to you getting sick. It is also beneficial for dry skin and if you suffer from any skin issues, it may help to relieve some of the symptoms that you are experiencing.

The Additional Benefits of Humidifiers

Static Electricity - Have you ever gotten shocked when you reached for a doorknob or when you touch somebody else inside of the home? This is an issue with static electricity and is often associated with dry air inside of the home. Raising the humidity level helps to reduce static electricity.

Save Money - During the winter months, dry air inside of the home can make it feel as if it is colder than what it really is. When you raise the humidity level inside of the home, it helps you to save money because you will be running the heat less frequently.

Home Decor - Low levels of humidity can cause issues in the home, such as wood flooring drying out, wallpaper peeling and even wood furniture splitting or cracking. Adding humidity to the air, particularly during the winter months can help to reduce this possibility.

Less Snoring - Did you realize that humidifiers can actually help with snoring? That is because the moisture that is added to the air also affects the respiratory system. It may not completely remove storing as an issue, but it can help to reduce its intensity.

These and other benefits of using humidifiers can be discussed when you contact Select Air. We want you to be comfortable in your home and we can provide the services that are necessary to make sure that it is a reality for you and your family.

Angies List Super Service Award for 2013

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Our Angie's List Super Service Award for 2013

angies-list-super-service-2013When you use Select Air as your Lantana air conditioning company, you can trust the fact that we have your best interest in mind. This is not only seen in the fact that we are licensed, insured and well-liked within the community, it is seen in our Angie's list rating. Angie's list is a popular online service where people can go review information about contractors to decide which one is the best choice for use in their home. We not only have a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, we also have won the Angie's list super service award in 2013. This recognition is not given out on a whim, as a matter of fact, there are only 4% of companies in any industry that are going to receive this recognition.

Why should you trust the information that is available on Angie's list when deciding which contractor to use? One of the main reasons why you can trust the service is because they are backed by many of the customers who actually use the contractors that are recommended. The rating that we received is from our customers and we take our responsibility to the customer very seriously. We are proud of our reputation and the fact that our family-owned business is able to take care of you in a professional way while at the same time, offering you personalized service which many of our customers have come to expect.

What Services Do We Offer?

Aside from the fact that we offer air-conditioning and heating services, we are also interested in the air quality in your home. We can offer a variety of options to our customers to ensure that they are breathing easily and that any allergy problems are at a minimum inside in the home. This may be seen with the installation of UV lights or perhaps a filtration system that will take care of the house. Of course, we always look at the specific needs of our customers because we recognize that they are different, from one home to another.

There is no need for you to wonder about the services that we provide. You can check out our Angie's list super service award and the ratings that are available, as well as looking at our top rating through the Better Business Bureau. We want to do what is necessary to make you and your family comfortable and we want to have you as a more than satisfied customer. Why not contact us today? We can provide you with the services that you need and help you, both in the way of comfort and in the way of being comfortable with having us on your property.

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Our Warrantees Offered on New Installs

warranty workOne of the concerns for many homeowners that are having air-conditioning work done is in regards to the quality of the work that is done. When you contact Select Air, you can be sure that you are using a quality Lantana air conditioning company that will take care of all of your needs. Not only are we confident in our ability to install the equipment in your home professionally, we offer a 10 year warranty on both parts and labor when it comes to the new installation of the system. This offers you a number of different benefits.

First of all, it is only because of our confidence in our ability to provide you with professional service that we are able to make the offer of this 10 year warranty. When we come to your home to install any air conditioning or heating units, we use quality products and we are well known in the area for the quality service that we provide as well. Of course, there are times when products may have a manufacturing defect, and that is not something we are able to prevent. You have the peace of mind, however, of knowing that if any products do happen to fail, you have 10 years to call us and we will come to your home to fix the issue, under the terms of our warranty.

A Look beyond Our Warranty

Although you certainly can take a lot of comfort in the fact that we offer a 10 year warranty on parts and labor, there are also many other things to consider when using our professional service. First of all, we are a family-owned and operated business and we are well known in the area for providing professional, personal service. Secondly, we can also care for your needs in an emergency situation, if one should happen to arise. The summers can get rather hot in the area, as I'm sure you're well aware. There are times when the air-conditioning may go out in the home or even if the heating system should go on in the wintertime, we can do what is necessary to get it up and running as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about the air-conditioning or heating services that we offer, you can call us today. We will discuss your personal situation and the needs of your family in order to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. We will also review the warranty with you, providing you with the peace of mind that is necessary to have the work done by our professional service. Call us today for more information or for a free quote on the services that you need.

Heat Pumps

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Are heat pumps a good idea for homeowners?

Heat Pump working properly before defrost cycleMost people are looking for a way to reduce their energy costs on a month by month basis. In colder climates, it can be quite expensive to continue to heat the home throughout the winter time and to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Many of us even sacrifice our comfort to some degree or another in order to cut the costs that we are spending on our energy bill. That may not be as necessary, however, when heat pumps are used. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits that are provided through the use of heat pumps that should be considered and we will review some of those benefits in this article.

One of the primary benefits that you are going to get when installing a heat pump at your home or place of business is energy savings, which equates to financial savings. A heat pump is the most efficient way for you to heat your home in the wintertime and when you consider the fact that about half of your energy costs are going to go towards heating the home, it can really make a difference. The efficiency of the heat pump is seen in the following equation. When you spend a dollar for electricity in order to power the heat pump, you get an average of three dollars of heat in return.

Additional heat pump benefits

You will also be happy to know, a heat pump not only provides you with the heat that you need in the winter time; it also provides a central air-conditioning unit that helps to keep your home court in the summer. In that way, you are not only providing yourself and your family with comfort during the cold winter months, you are helping them to be more comfortable in the home during the summer months as well.

Of course, the amount of money that you are going to save when using heat pumps is going to vary from one household to another. In some cases, however, the savings can be quite substantial, particularly if you are currently using an electric furnace or if you're using a different type of fuel to heat your home. Of course, there may be some options that are available which would be slightly less expensive in some areas but you would be losing out on the benefits of AC in the summer.

by Bill Grote

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