Do you have an ice ball on your AC unit?

AC-condenser-frozen-dryerThe summers in Texas can be quite difficult. The heat is unbearable but fortunately, most of us have air conditioning units so that we can still enjoy a degree of comfort inside of the home. From time to time, however, issues can take place with the AC at your home and this could make you uncomfortable, to say the very least. You want to find a service that you are able to trust that will repair the air-conditioning unit, doing so in a reliable and trustworthy manner. That option is available when you choose Select AC for your air-conditioning needs.

Although there are many difficulties that can occur with the air-conditioning at your home, one that is a frequent problem when the weather gets hot is for an ice ball to appear on the unit. This is more than a simple inconvenience; it shows you that there is a problem that must be corrected. In fact, unless you correct the problem with the ice ball on the unit, it is possible that you will actually cut the life of the unit substantially. This is especially true if you have an older AC unit at the home and have an icing problem.

Of course, when ice begins to form on the AC unit, it is also going to be ineffective at keeping the inside of your home clean. The unit will continually run, because it is sensing that the home is hot but, since there is not any air blowing inside of the home or because the airflow is limited, it will not have the effect of cooling the home and you will end up uncomfortable as a result. The ice may also occur in other areas of your HVAC system, leading to additional difficulties if it is not corrected.

When you have a problem with an ice ball on your AC unit, it is time to act appropriately. Contacting Select AC will provide you with the reliable services that you need so that the problem can be corrected. As a matter of fact, there are many issues that can lead to ice on the AC unit, including low Freon or simply dealing with an older unit that is not able to keep up with the demands that exist in the Texas summer. In either case, the professionals at Select AC will be able to care for your needs and to do so in a way that will leave you satisfied.

Why Can You Trust Select AC?

At Select AC, we understand that trust is often an issue in the air-conditioning repair industry. That is why we have built a reputation for our family business on our own reliability and the fact that you can trust us when working on your property. We also do our part to provide timely service to our customers, so that you can be as comfortable as possible in your home; even with problems occur suddenly and without warning. Regardless of whether you are in need of a repair service in order to fix an ice ball on the AC unit or if you are dealing with routine maintenance to keep your air-conditioning up and running, we are the service that provides it for you.

If you have any questions about your air-conditioning unit, you can contact Select AC for more information. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and to come to your property in order to provide you with the repair services that you need. We can also provide you with a free quote and we will do our best to ensure that it is affordable for you and your family.

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