Manage Your Home While You Are on the Go

Nexia Home Intelligence Selec ACWe all live busy lives and it can be difficult to care for everything during the time that you are actually standing in front of it. An example of this is managing the home and making sure that it is secure and safe while you're away. That is no longer an issue, however, because you can take advantage of the Nexia home intelligence line of products that will allow you to care for your home effectively, even if you are not standing in it or in front of it. In fact, you can care for many of these items when you're halfway around the world without any difficulty.

There are a number of different parts of the home that can be controlled using this home intelligence system . By taking a look at some of those items, you will find that it is going to offer you a degree of convenience that you may not have considered possible before. As long as you have an Internet connection and a smart phone, you can control the home effectively, including these individual items.

Locks - How many times have you left the home and after you were away, you wondered if you actually locked the door? You don't need to worry about that problem any longer, because the Nexia system allows you to control the lock on the go, regardless of where you are in the world with an Internet connection. You can even unlock the door if you have somebody coming to the home, which is a much safer and more convenient option than leaving the key under the doormat.

Lighting - Another important factor that can be controlled through this system is the lighting within the home. Once the lighting has been connected to the system, you can turn the lights on and off and you can even dim the lighting, according to your needs. This offers a degree of convenience, especially if you're away for a longer amount of time than you thought you would be away and it gets dark outside. Never go home to a dark house again!

Garage Doors - It is also possible to control the garage door and to raise and lower it using this system as well. It is not only a convenience; it is a safety feature that you are sure to appreciate.

Comfort and Security

Thermostat  - Anything that is connected to the thermostat can easily be controlled through the system. In fact, the thermostat is the central electronic hub of the home and it is what will allow you to control every other factor within the home using the system. In that way, you're not only able to raise and lower the temperature, you can control every aspect that is connected.

Cameras - One other feature that you are certain to appreciate is that you can attach cameras to the system and see what is taking place in your home, live as it happens. This is great for security, or even for making sure that the children get home safe from school.

If you have any questions about the Nexia home intelligence system, you can contact Select AC for additional information. We can provide you with the full details of what this product has to offer and provide you with professional service for the installation and maintenance of the system as well.

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