Better Quality Air through Our Services

Better Air Quality Select AC Double OakIf you're like most people, you are concerned about the quality of air that you have in the home. This indoor air quality has been a concern for many families, not only because of the dangers that are associated with poor air but also because of some of the health problems that are associated with it as well, including what could happen to those who have COPD or asthma. What are some of the options that are available for improving the IAQ (indoor air quality)?

First of all, you need to make sure that you are using a quality service that only recommends quality, trusted products. There are a lot of products on the market today that are not only expensive; they are also nothing more than snake oil. For example, there are certain types of filters that claim to be able to attract the pollen and other indoor pollution to them when in reality; it is going to take some type of airflow in order to accomplish that purpose. Although they may have a minor impact on the quality of the air in the home, choosing the right product is going to have a significant impact.

Air filters are very important to consider for the quality of the air in the home. Unfortunately, there are many different dangers within the home that could lead to a toxic environment, including pet dander, dust mites, pollen and even mold! When these issues exist within the home, it can make it difficult for you to breathe easily. Not only that, many of the homes are being built to tighter standards today, so it does not permit the airflow to go through the home as it did in years past. Although that can be beneficial, it can also hurt you if you don't have the proper type of air filter in place. You may consider getting Allergy Testing from a Physician.

What Type of Product Should You Use?

The air filter that you use should be a HEPA filter, which is a type of filter that is able to take many of the dangerous particles out of the air that could be a problem. When you look at a HEPA filter under magnification and compare it to a particle of pollen, it would be similar to trying to fit a basketball through a screen. Quite simply, it removes many of the problems from the air in the home that could be causing breathing difficulties.

Something else that you may want to consider is a UV light system, which is used by many professional buildings, including hospitals. UV lights can be installed directly into the HVAC system and as particles pass by them, including bacteria and viruses, they are neutralized by the lighting system. It can really help to make a difference in the health of your family, not only in how you are breathing but in how frequently you get sick as well. Contact Select AC for more information as to how we can assist you.

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