The Benefits of Mini Split Systems

The HVAC system in most homes is one that has been built and is installed during the time that the home was first constructed. The ducts are put into the walls or perhaps through the attic and they are going to remain in those locations, being controlled by a central unit. Although this type of system has worked well for many years, there are times when you may need to add on to the room or perhaps you want to control a different area of the home separately. The options available for this include mini split systems, which is something that Select AC can install for you professionally.

The fact the matter is, there are many reasons why you may want to include one of these systems and have it installed in the home. One of the most common reasons why it is installed, however, is if you are adding on to the home and providing a new room and you want to have AC or heating available without having to attach it to the existing duck system. This type of a mini split is going to be beneficial, because it allows you to control the temperature in the room with its own air handler and condenser without having to worry about the rest of the home.

Another reason why you may want to consider installing one of the systems is if you have a room that is far away from the central unit and you want to be able to keep it cool or warm, depending upon the temperature outside. In many homes, a single thermostat is going to control the temperature throughout the home and this can be problematic, leading to pockets within the home that are either too hot or too cold. Having one of these mini split systems installed can help to resolve the problem and make the entire home comfortable.

Single or Multi Zone

iphone androidThere are a number of options to consider when choosing one of these systems and the professionals at Select AC can help you to make the appropriate choice for your needs. One of the primary decisions that needs to be made, however, is if you're going to go with a single unit or if you're going to split it into multiple zones. Going with different zones inside of the home can certainly be convenient, and you even have the option to install some Wi-Fi equipment that will allow you to control the temperatures in various parts of the home from your tablet or smartphone (Iphone or Droid).

Another option that you will need to consider is if you're going to need heating and cooling in those rooms or if you're only going to need one or the other. Of course, there are always going to be options available but which option is right for you and what type of equipment do you really need? Rather than trying to make these decisions on your own, you can contact Select AC, and they will assist you through the entire process.

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