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Landscaping – Blocking the outdoor condenser from proper air flow

Written by tester77

Is landscaping killing your HVAC unit?

Junior AC Repair ManMost of us want to be comfortable in our home and we want it to look beautiful on the outside as well. One way for us to be able to maintain this is through proper landscaping. This typically requires the grass to be cut regularly, as well as the bushes or trees in the yard. It may also require us to mulch around areas that contain the bushes and shrubs that surround our yard as well. Although this can look beautiful in some instances, it may also be causing problems that are quite serious. For example, mulch may be blocking the condenser of your HVAC system. Why is this an issue?

The HVAC system is going to need to have a flow of air available to it when it is running. If that airflow is not available, it is going to result in poor efficiency of the unit and in a worst-case scenario, unit failure. Not only is this going to cause the problem of you being uncomfortable when the unit is no longer working, it may end up costing you thousands of dollars to replace the unit that is no longer going to be able to function for you and your family. Unfortunately, many of us have discovered this too late but if you are reading this article, you can do something about it.

How to avoid landscaping mistakes that kill your HVAC unit

First of all, make a visual inspection of your HVAC unit on a monthly basis. This is especially important when you have a landscaping company that is taking care of the outside of your home. You should also have a serious discussion with the landscaping company so that they know not to put mulch around the HVAC unit. If you discover that they are still doing at, it's time to either talk to them again or get rid of them. Although it may seem extreme, it is less extreme than having a difficulty with your air conditioning or heating system because of some mulch that was put in the wrong place.

by Bill Grote

Air Zoning Systems

Written by tester77

Are zoning systems beneficial for your HVAC unit?

Furnace - properly hung using unistrut and 1.5 inch hanger to evenly support weight of systWhen you are installing a new HVAC unit in your home or place of business, there are going to be several considerations which will make the unit more or less efficient. These should be reviewed with you by the HVAC technician that is going to work at the home before it commences. One of those options that are available is a zoning system which can be included on the new HVAC unit that is being installed. To cut to the chase, there are many benefits to using a zoning system that you should consider, including improving the comfort level of the overall home and reducing how much you are spending and utility costs.

When you understand how a zoning system operates, it really helps you to see why it is so beneficial to you. Unfortunately, many homeowners are somewhat in the dark when it comes to these units and why they should be installed. Although there are numerous reasons why they are beneficial, it really has to do with cooling or heating the rooms that are most frequently used. For example, during the day, it is not typically necessary for you to keep the bedrooms at an optimum temperature, although you would want them to have the benefit of some heating or air-conditioning from the unit. That can help to reduce the amount of energy that you are consuming and it makes you more comfortable where you live, depending upon the time of day that the unit is working.

Additional benefits of zoning systems

As was discussed, the comfort and efficiency are some of the primary benefits that you will get when you include zoning systems with your HVAC unit. You also have the benefit of control, which is something that most people will appreciate. Since the house is being divided into several smaller units, you will be able to adjust the comfort of those individual units independently from each other. In addition, it helps to reduce how frequently the unit is being called on to do its work. Since fewer areas of the home are being conditioned at the same time, it is going to keep the unit from operating at peak capacity at all times.

by Bill Grote

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